COVID-19 update

The Prime Minister today announced new travel restrictions and passenger screenings, as Canada steps up the COVID-19 fight.

The provinces of Ontario and Quebec (so, the provincial governments for the entire National Capital Region) are telling bars and restaurants to close for in-house dining. Delivery and takeout can continue for now.

Over the weekend, COVID-19-related warnings became more urgent and prescriptive.

Public health officials also began recommending increased social distancing and limited, non-essential trips out of the home.

Everyone is now saying the coronvirus pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better.

And modelling shows that efforts now limit exposure to others can ‘flatten the curve’ that has crippled places like Italy, Iran and Wubei, China.

Ottawa now has 13 confirmed cases and it is likely that undetected travel cases may cause community transmission if they have not already.

Resources for the latest COVID-19 information in Ottawa follow:

We will continue to post on the COVID-19 situation in this space until the worst of the effects have passed.

Stay well. Be well.

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