Best of Beechwood : a foodie’s dream day

Ottawa’s Beechwood Avenue is home to some great options for foodies.

A gastronomic tour of the section from MacKay Street in the west to Putman/Marier Avenues in the east could easily net you several days’ worth of caloric intake.

Thankfully, it’s easily walkable. That way you can burn off at least some of the fabulous dining you will doing.

Jasper is relatively new to the scene, but is already making a name for itself as a go-to spot for weekend brunches. Start there. Be satisfied.

From there, head kitty-corner to Books on Beechwood – one of those great, classic neighbourhood bookstores with an eclectic selection, periodic events, and a book club. (It’s also connected to a SconeWitch location, so you can grab a hot drink or baked good and start flipping through the pages of your purchase right away.)

Continue east on Beechwood past the Metro grocery – which boasts one of the best cheese selections in the city. (The store serves several diplomatic residences in the tony nearby enclaves of New Edinburgh, Lindenlea, and Rockcliffe Park.)

Stay on the north side of the street, and head to Clothes Encounters of a Second Time. Not only does it have the greatest name of any consignment clothing shop going, you can often find great deals on designer and brand name labels (likely from the closets of those nearby diplomats).

Once you’ve scoured the racks, head east for another shopping delight: Jacobson’s. This quaint little gourmet food shop has some excellent oils, jams, and vinegars that make excellent host/ess gifts or souvenirs.

Feeling peckish? Brunch mimosa buzz wearing off?

Red Door Provisions is just a little further east and it has you covered!

From there, head east again and take some time to smell the roses – or whatever blooms happen to be in stock – at Mood Moss Flowers. Eric and the team would also be happy to put together a unique arrangement of your faves.

But keep those hands free (or get ready to make a stop at the car). It’s nearly dinner time!

Here, you have a couple of great options:

  • Fraser Café has been a neighbourhood favourite for nearly 17 years and for good reason. Its menu offerings change with the seasons but always keep pace with diners’ needs and wants. (Delish dinners and a fab wine list.)
  • For something more casual, there’s a colourful Mexican counter joint called Ola Cocina just a block south of Beechwood on Barrette Street.

Before calling it a night, grab a night cap at one of Ottawa’s original brewpubs. The Clocktower is located just north of Beechwood on MacKay (next to Books on Beechwood).

You’ve come full circle. And if you’re not yet full-tummied, we can talk about ordering a pizza or something … but that’s likely the subject of it’s own post. Stay tuned!

Note: This itinerary is best done on a Saturday or Sunday. Jasper does brunch on weekends only (but does offer lunch M-F). We can find you great weekday brunches, too! Get in touch to discuss.

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