Town and country in one city

Today is #CdnAgDay. It is a day to take stock in the vital importance of Canadian agriculture/agri-food industries to Canada’s economy and Canadians’ daily lives.

In short, if you eat today, thank a farmer, an agri-food worker, and her/his family.

Beyond their multi-billion-dollar per year contribution to our economic economic well-being, their work allows us to live healthy, more prosperous lives.

And their products are the best or among the best anywhere. (Looking at you, steak.)

Get up close and personal with Canadian ag.

A visit to Ottawa allows you to get up close and personal with Canadian agriculture without leaving the city limits.

The Canada Agriculture Museum, located at the Central Experimental Farm minutes from downtown Ottawa, is always a hit with families and allows visitors to learn about the past, present, and future of #CdnAg.

(The Experimental Farm itself is something to behold. It is National Historic Site. And, at four square kilometres, it is the largest working farm in the core of any G-7 capital.)

The city of Ottawa’s boundaries also include a vast rural countryside that offers something for pretty much every interest.

Winery tours. Artisan studios. Even whitewater rafting. There is all-season fun to be had and learning to be done.

We can help you discover Ottawa’s rural roots and routes, whether your a country or a city mouse at heart. Get in touch today.

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