Ottawa-Frankfurt: (air) route to opportunity

From this sponsored article about Lufthansa’s pending (Spring 2020) takeover of the non-stop route between Ottawa’s international airport (YOW) and Frankfurt’s (FRA), one quote stuck out:

More than ever, now is the time for locals to support the Frankfurt operation as Lufthansa is here to test the commercial viability of this non-stop service from YOW to its global hub.

Marc Laroche, President & CEO, Ottawa International Airport Authority

It’s a warning call to use it or lose it. I desperately hope for the former over the latter.

Ottawa needs more direct flights to world hubs, not fewer.

Our free trade agreement with Europe should provide more reasons for people to fly back and forth to the continent’s powerhouse economy, not fewer.

The OBJ piece also points out, rightly, that the YOW-FRA’s timing allows for valuable, conveniently timed connections to metropolises around the world.

For the love of all that is good and holy: Use it, Ottawa. Don’t lose it.

And to overseas travellers coming to Ottawa: get in touch today to discuss how we can add some WOW to your YOW.

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