Why now

As a city, Ottawa is growing and thriving.

Business is booming across sectors. There’s building happening all over the place. Exciting developments and world-leading innovations are announced almost daily.

It’s no wonder people want to come here.

Our population is growing rapidly. And so is our tourism sector.

There are new hotel rooms and quality eateries popping up all the time.

The food scene, in fact, is full of influences from around the world. (The city is home to 125 diplomatic missions and has benefitted from waves of immigration over the last five decades.)

We can help guide you to the best places, while also helping you make the most of Canada’s unparalleled access to world markets.

(Did you know that we are the only G-7 country to have free trade agreements in place with all other G-7 countries?)

If your business is international, or you want to grow into Canada, Ottawa is a natural place to start putting down roots. Let us help.

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